Building smart lists for quick access to songs

Sometimes you want to access your songs quickly without creating a specific set list first. You can do this with a smart list, which is generated automatically from criteria you set up. Viewing songs with a smart list is better than viewing them from the Songs list, because smart lists have all the layout and performance functionality as set lists. You can watch a tutorial video, or read on for more details:

  • To create a smart list, click Repertoire > Smart Lists from the main menu, and click the + button at the top of the list.
    add smart list
  • The smart list menu appears, with everything disabled except the Edit button. Click that button.
    edit smart list
  • Enter a name for your smart list, and an optional sort order that will determine how it appears in the list of smart lists.
    smart list details
  • Click Add a Filter, then select a field, operator and value to filter the song list. The most common filter is Active equals 1, to only show songs marked as Active in your database. Other examples of filters are Color equals Red, Tags contains Dance and Last Performed greater than 2017-01-01. You can repeat this step to create several filters, then set the Logic to AND or OR to connect them.
    smart list filter
  • Click Sort By, then select a field to sort the smart list, and set the Sort Direction to ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A).
    smart list sort
  • On a tablet, you will see a preview of the smart list contents, which updates in real time as you change these settings.
  • Click the back button to save your smart list, then select a layout to view it. You can use auto-scrolling, remote control actions, automation tracks and other performance-oriented functionality when viewing the smart list.
  • Smart lists sorted by title will include section shortcuts on the right side of the list if the list contains at least 30 songs. Smart lists sorted by another field will always include section shortcuts.
    smart list shortcuts
  • You can edit your smart list again at any time to adjust its settings, or create additional smart lists for different purposes.