BandHelper is a cloud-based service with companion mobile apps designed to reduce the organizational burden of playing in a band. It serves as a repository for all your repertoire, schedule, contacts and finance info and shares it with your bandmates effortlessly. BandHelper's combination of organization and performance features is unmatched, and we offer a pricing option for every band.

Start a free trial today and see what BandHelper can do for you!

"This app offers an arsenal of weapons to combat band drama."

– Stelluto, USA

"It is a huge help in organizing rehearsals and gigs."

– Thunder_sticks, Canada

"Synchronizing songs and set lists across multiple devices is a time and sanity saver!"

– Dave Keeton, USA

"All of the modules work seamlessly with each other."

– Greg Pfremmer, USA

"There are so many nice touches and extras."

– Jojo Was A Man, USA

"It's got everything you need and some stuff you didn't know you needed."

– Andrew Snyders, USA

"The gold standard in set list and repertoire management."

– Beucepholis, Canada

Make the most of your rehearsal time

  • Say goodbye to updating binders or finding reference recordings
  • Add your repertoire to BandHelper and it appears automatically on all your bandmates' devices

  • Flag songs that need more work
  • Flag songs to generate a list for future practice

  • Capture your good ideas for future reference
  • Make notes or recordings of arrangements to jog your memory later

Streamline your stage setup

  • Eliminate the dead air from paging through a book
  • Jump quickly to any song in your repertoire

  • Lead the band seamlessly through your set
  • Connect everyone's devices to follow your song selections

  • Automate effects settings, keyboard patches and lighting scenes
  • Send MIDI to configure these devices automatically for each song

Professionalize your band management

  • Generate scheduling requests and confirmations
  • Send automated requests to your bandmates and feed upcoming events to your website

  • Share charts with subs or new band members
  • Grant access to specific set lists or your whole repertoire

  • Create one organized place for song and gig info
  • Maintain a contact database, build checklists and track your finances

Enjoy a musician-centered service

  • Use a broad range of devices on multiple platforms
  • BandHelper runs on multiple platforms with minimal system requirements

  • Don't renew automatically unless you want to
  • You can start a free trial without payment info, and you can subscribe without auto-renewals

  • Get personal support from fellow musicians
  • Our goal is to make BandHelper work for you