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There are lots of "songbook" apps that can replace your collection of printed lyrics and chords. BandHelper goes a few steps further with audio, video and MIDI integration, automation options for hands-free operation, and an option to design your own screen layouts. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

Manage Songs and Set Lists

guitarist with lyric sheet
  • Create multiple projects with separate or shared songs.
  • Add songs with standard fields for artist, style, color label, tempo, duration, starting pitch, notes, lyrics, chords and unlimited custom fields.
  • Copy songs between accounts, and copy songs and set lists within an account.
  • Import batches of songs from a spreadsheet file or a playlist on your device.
  • Import individual songs saved in ChordPro or OnSong files.
  • Add formatting to lyrics and chords, or let the app automatically highlight chords.
  • Delineate chords or other text with square brackets to position it above a particular point in your lyrics (ChordPro-style formatting), then hide or show the bracketed text as needed.
  • Add color labels to songs, and adjust text sizes for screen, email and print.
  • Sort your songs by artist, style, tempo, etc. or quickly search all your song data.
  • Ask your bandmates to rate your songs, then sort them by average rating.
  • Make "smart copies" of songs that inherit data from the original song unless you override it.
  • Build set lists by adding songs and dragging and dropping them into the desired sequence, or use a shuffle button to randomly sequence them.
  • Add text labels to set breaks and pauses for on-stage cues, and start a countdown timer when you reach a break or pause to help stay on schedule.
  • Assign set lists to events or leave as standalone lists.
  • Copy all or part of a previous set list as a starting point for a new set list.
  • Build "smart lists" that automatically filter and sort your songs using custom criteria.
  • Calculate set list and set durations based on song durations, average time between songs and average time between sets.
  • Email set lists in PDF or HTML format, print wirelessly to Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print printers, or copy and paste into text messages or Facebook posts, after adjusting your display options with a real-time preview.
  • Email the songs in a set list as a collection of one-page lead sheets in PDF format, or print wirelessly to Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print printers, after adjusting your display options with a real-time preview.
  • Embed a live display of a set list or smart list onto your website.
  • Synchronize data between devices automatically, with control over which fields are synced.
  • Back up your data automatically, and roll back to previous versions if needed.

Manage Documents, Recordings and Videos

drummer with song list and recording icons
  • Attach multiple recordings in .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .wav, .ogg, .flac and .mid format to a song, then play the recordings from any set list. Play through the entire set list to preview a show, or play backing tracks while performing. (.aif, .aiff and .aifc are iOS and macOS only, while .ogg and .flac are Android only)
  • Attach multiple documents in .pdf, .jpg or .txt format to a song, then view the documents from within BandHelper.
  • Attach multiple videos in .mov (iOS and macOS only), .mp4, .m4v or .3gp format to a song, then view the videos from within BandHelper.
  • Add standalone files that aren't associated with any song, for a general repository of band files.
  • Write notes or add highlights directly on your documents for quick updates while rehearsing.
  • Enter lyrics and chords for your songs, then transpose the chords with the touch of a button, or save a personal transpose amount that only appears for you.
  • Set document zoom positions that are saved and reloaded automatically (for PDF files only).
  • Navigate through documents with swipe gestures or hotspots.
  • Skip forward and back, loop a section of a recording or change the playback speed or pitch for help in practicing.
  • Fade a recording out for smoother endings and transitions with backing tracks.
  • Record audio directly into the app to capture ideas while practicing.
  • Control which files automatically download to your devices to save storage space.

Use On Stage

keyboard player with song list and midi icons
  • Select a light or dark color theme for different environments.
  • Customize your screen layout, with a drag and drop interface, for quick access to the functions you use the most. Save multiple layouts for different rehearsal or performance situations.
  • Display documents one or two pages at a time, or display lyrics in one or two columns. Display documents or lyrics on the main screen, an external display or another mobile device.
  • Add markers to documents or lyrics to quickly jump to different parts of a song. (Markers in lyrics requires iOS 10 or Android.)
  • Auto-scroll your set list, or individual documents or lyrics, based on the song duration.
  • Assign common functions to a two- or three-fingered tap gesture.
  • Trigger tempos, starting pitches, recordings, document display and navigation or MIDI presets when selecting a song or reaching the end of a song.
  • Trigger tempos, starting pitches, recordings, document display and navigation, MIDI messages and more from external Bluetooth or MIDI switches.
  • Record automation tracks containing actions to scroll your documents or lyrics to specific positions, highlight a line of lyrics, start and stop recordings or tempos, send MIDI presets, etc. then play those actions back during your performance.
  • Preview song tempos with a visual flash or a choice of click sounds. Emphasize downbeats, play subdivisions, set a tempo auto-stop length, set the tempo volume or pan the tempo between the left and right channels.
  • Send tempos to a SoundBrenner Pulse or BeatBuddy when you select songs.
  • Preview song starting pitches with a pitch playback button.
  • Send MIDI bank and program changes, song select messages, beat clock (tempo) messages or any other MIDI data to selected ports (virtual MIDI) or all available ports. Assign MIDI presets to individual songs, or assign commonly used presets to a layout for access from any song.
  • Enter MIDI data manually or with a MIDI Learn mode.
  • Attach Standard MIDI Files created in a sequencer application, then play them back independently or in sync with an audio recording.
  • Set up app shortcuts to quickly jump to other apps on your device.
  • Use on-screen volume sliders to control the master volume plus individual volumes for recordings, videos, tempos and starting pitches.
  • Send the audio from recordings, tempo clicks and starting pitches to separate outputs if an external audio interface is connected. (iOS only)
  • Send the audio from recordings, tempo clicks and starting pitches to other apps via inter-app audio. (iOS only)
  • Calculate the remaining time and projected completion time of a show based on the songs completed so far.
  • Display a time remaining countdown during set breaks.
  • Broadcast song selections and other actions wirelessly to up to 15 other mobile devices.
  • Broadcast one device's screen wirelessly to up to 15 other mobile devices.
  • View your set list, select songs and trigger actions from the Apple Watch interface.

Schedule (plus and pro accounts only)

Booking your band's gigs is a thankless task, but BandHelper makes it easier with automated availability requests and reminders, and puts the details for each gig right onto your bandmates' mobile devices. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

band member responding to schedule notification
  • Enter upcoming events with your own categories, like gigs, rehearsals and vacations.
  • Enter repeating events with several kinds of repeat rules.
  • View events in a calendar or list format.
  • Request that your bandmates accept or decline new events, and see if enough have accepted to confirm the event.
  • Send email notifications when an event is confirmed or its details are updated.
  • Configure an automated email and/or SMS reminder before an event.
  • Feed your events to your personal iCalendar-compatible software.
  • Feed your public events to your band's website.
  • Quickly view events on the go and pull up notes and directions from the Apple Watch interface.

Contacts (plus and Pro accounts only)

Keeping track of all your music industry contacts is a simple, but important function. BandHelper goes a step beyond that by managing scheduled reminders to follow up on booking or promo tasks. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

smart watch with contact action
  • Enter contacts with your own categories, like venues, press, technical personnel or performers.
  • Log each interaction with your contacts, to build a history for each venue or music industry professional you work with.
  • Schedule future interactions with reminders so you don't forget to meet publishing deadlines or follow up on bookings at the appropriate interval.
  • Link multiple contacts to an event so you can quickly find all the people you're working with on that event (e.g., booker, promoter, sound engineer).
  • Start a phone call, text message, email message or driving directions with one touch from your mobile device.
  • Quickly view scheduled actions and make a phone call or pull up directions from the Apple Watch interface.

Finance (Pro accounts only)

band member picking up posters from a copy shop

Most bands aren't getting rich off their music, but knowing what's happening with your money is never a bad thing. BandHelper can tell you how much you've earned and whether it ended up in the right place. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

  • Log financial transactions with your own categories, like performance fees, tips and merch sales, or transportation, equipment or meals.
  • Track who handled a transaction (received payment or paid a bill) and who else was involved (which band members were part of the gig or shared a meal).
  • Generate invoices to send to clients and keep track of which invoices have been paid.
  • Set up funds to save for a goal like an album recording project, or track deposits and withdrawals from a bank account.
  • View a report showing how much of the band's current balance is due to each member, for easy "settling up" after a gig or a tour.
  • View a report showing the total income received and expenses paid by each band member over the life of the band.

Checklists (Pro accounts only)

If you have multi-step processes that you do more than once, you can build a checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

  • Build hierarchical lists with items and sub-items.
  • Organize checklists into categories and link them to events.
  • Assign items to your bandmates, set due dates and generate automatic reminders.
  • Mark items as Not Started, In Progress or Done.
  • Clear a checklist's item statuses to reuse it, or copy it to start a new checklist with the same tasks.

Stage Plots (Pro accounts only)

drummer watching as techs set up mics

Your gig will be smoother if you don't annoy the sound engineer, and a great way to make a first impression is by showing up with a simple and professional stage plot. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

  • Build stage plots with a drag and drop interface.
  • Include a numbered input list, a list of other required equipment, notes to the sound engineer and your contact info.
  • Include a photo of each band member to help the sound engineer communicate with your band.
  • Email stage plots as PDF files or print them from your device.

Files (Pro accounts only)

You can attach recordings to songs, and attach documents to songs, events, contacts and transactions, but you can also upload standalone recordings or documents to the Files module. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

  • Upload files in numerous document, recording and video formats.
  • Assign files to individual users or share them with all users.
  • Sync the files automatically to all the devices in your band.
  • View or play the files directly in the mobile apps.

Practice Log (Pro accounts only)

At the end of the day, the success of your band depends on how good you sound, and that's directly related to how effectively you practice. BandHelper's Practice Log helps you organize and focus your own practice time. You can watch a video overview, or read the complete feature list below.

  • Enter goals like "practice scales" or "learn new songs," then log time toward those goals.
  • View your progress in reports organized by day, week, month or year.

Account Management

While many music apps have some kind of data sharing capability, collaboration with your bandmates is at the heart of BandHelper's design. Band leaders can easily bring even their most tech-challenged bandmates on board.

band member entering personal song details
  • Set up multiple user accounts, and organize them into different projects if needed.
  • Add documents, recordings and videos and they will synchronize automatically to all the devices in your band.
  • Keep a master copy of lyrics, chords and notes, while band members edit their own personal versions (administrators can edit users' personal versions).
  • Select favorite set lists and other items to display on the app's main menu, so your bandmates can find info for upcoming events with minimal navigation.
  • Cover your whole band with one payment: no individual purchases, no in-app upgrades.
  • Set a user's access level to control what data they can see or edit.
  • Suspend a user's access at any time.