Attaching videos to your songs

If you have videos containing scrolling lyrics, special effects or any other content, you can add those videos to your account and then attach them to the song records. Videos are treated like documents in BandHelper, so you can read the Attaching Documents tutorial and use the same methods to add them to your account and attach them to your songs. Here are some additional notes about viewing videos in BandHelper:

  • BandHelper on iOS can display .mov, .mp4, .m4v and .3gp videos. BandHelper on Android can display .mp4, .m4v and .3gp videos.
  • When viewing a video, you can toggle the toolbar display by tapping the center of the video.
  • When viewing a video, you can toggle full-screen display by double-tapping the center of the video, tapping the document tools button and then the Toggle Full Screen option, or tapping the full-screen button in the video toolbar.
  • When a video finishes playing, it will trigger any Song Completion layout actions you have set up on the layout's Edit Details page.
  • If you are using an external display with an iOS device, that display will mirror your entire screen by default. Alternatively, you can set Settings > General Settings > External Display to Document, and then the external display will only show the video when you view it from within a show. Your show layout does not need to include a document viewer to use this feature, so you could view a list-only layout or other information on your device display and a document on your external display. Unfortunately, iOS limits the options for video playback, so if you are viewing a video in the document viewer, it will only appear on the external display. If you want to view a video on both the iOS device and the external display, you will need to leave Settings > General Settings > External Display set to Mirror.
  • Like documents and recordings, videos will automatically sync to all the devices in your band. However, video files might be too large to upload and download easily over the Internet, or might exceed the file size limit for syncing. In that case, click the Copy To Devices Manually option on the document edit page instead of selecting a file. Then you can copy the video directly into BandHelper's data folder on your devices.
  • BandHelper cannot display videos from links; you need to add the video file to your account.