Building Stage Plots

In the iOS or Android apps, you can build stage plots for your band with a drag and drop interface, then print or email them directly from your device. Currently, you can only edit your notes and your contact information from the web interface. Stage plots are synchronized between devices automatically, so you can access them from any of the devices in your band.

This demo video shows the basic functionality. It uses the standalone Stage Plot Maker app, but the functionality is the same as what's included in the Stage Plots module of BandHelper:


iOS version 3.0 and Android version 2.0 introduced a few changes compared to the video above:

  1. To edit a stage plot, select it from the Stage Plots list and then tap either Edit Details or Edit Layout.
  2. Layout items no longer show their remove, resize, rotate and configure buttons by default, but you can tap an item to show the buttons, or tap the background to return all the items to the default state. You can still simply drag an item to move it.
  3. If you drag an area to select multiple items, you can rotate then together using any of the rotate buttons, or apply the same options to all of them using any of the options buttons.
  4. You can tap the options button for a selected group to copy it, then tap an empty area in the same or a different layout and select the Paste Items option to paste the items at the new location.