Note: To ask a question or request help with a problem, follow the instructions on the Help page. This page is meant for general feedback or suggestions for new features.

If you have ideas or suggestions for BandHelper, please with the following information:

  • What problem do you want BandHelper to solve for you?
  • In what situation does this problem occur?
  • What is your idea of how BandHelper could solve this problem?

Answering all of these questions is important. Here's an example of a feedback message that doesn't provide enough information to be useful:

Please add the ability to swipe between documents.

Here's how this message could have been written to help me understand the request:

What problem do you want the app to solve for you?
I need to quickly change from one documents to the next in the Perform window.

In what situation does this problem occur?
I have lots of sheet music on paper that I want to load onto my iPad. I've been scanning each page as a PDF document, then loading the documents onto my iPad and attaching them to my songs. But when I open the Perform window and tap the document icon, I just see the first document. I have to tap and hold the icon to see the second document, which takes too long.

What is your idea of how the app could solve this problem?
If I'm viewing the first document, I would like to swipe down to see the next document.