Here are some of our favorite accessories to use with BandHelper. You can help support the development of BandHelper by purchasing from the affiliate links on this page.

Mic stand adapters

If you want to use your tablet on stage, you can use one of these products to mount it securely on a mic stand.


IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand

The iKlip Xpand has tilt and rotation capabilities, flexible sizing to accommodate a variety of tablet sizes and clamps to the side of a mic stand.

Manos Mount

AirTurn Manos Mount

The Manos Mount has tilt and rotation capabilities, flexible sizing to accommodate a variety of tablet sizes and mounts to the top of a mic stand instead of a mic, or to the side of a mic stand with an optional attachment.

Remote controllers

To control BandHelper without taking your hands off your instrument, consider these options. You can map the remote control buttons to over 100 BandHelper functions.

Note: most of these products use Bluetooth 4, which is not available on the iPad 2.


IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn

IK Multimedia's Bluetooth foot switch is simple, rugged and features two illuminated buttons. It sends up/down arrow messages in its default mode, so it works with BandHelper out of the box. Our hands-on report is in the support forum.


IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard

Most Bluetooth controllers send arrow key messages, but this controller sends MIDI messages. Otherwise, it's basically a 4-switch version of the Blueturn. Our hands-on report is in the support forum.

AirTurn Duo

AirTurn Duo

One of the first Bluetooth foot switches for musicians. Use with the two included pedals, attach two more pedals, or detach the controller from the pedals to use as a handheld controller.

AirTurn BT200S

AirTurn BT200s-2/4/6

AirTurn's new BT200S series can send standard arrow key messages, proprietary AirTurn controller messages or MIDI messages (BandHelper is compatible with all three). You can choose the 2, 4 or 6 button model. Our hands-on report is in the support forum.

Coda Stomp

Coda Stomp

Coda has replaced their original Bluetooth foot switch with a new, all-metal design. It can run from a 9v battery or a standard 9v AC adapter, and has a USB port to power your tablet or phone. Our hands-on report is in the support forum.


PageFlip Firefly

The Firefly includes all its options with hardware switches right on the front face of the unit, and it can run from battery or USB power. Our hands-on report is in the support forum.

Flic Buttons

Flic 2

Flic buttons are small Bluetooth buttons you can stick onto an instrument or clip onto an instrument strap for remote control from wherever you are on stage. Each button can send three different messages, with a click, double-click or hold gesture.


MIDI interfaces

To send or receive MIDI messages to a device with MIDI jacks, you'll need either a wired or wireless MIDI interface. (If your device has a class-compliant USB MIDI port, you would only need a USB adapter.)

iRig 2

IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2

The latest iRig MIDI interface includes Lightning, 30-pin and USB cables to connect to all iOS devices and computers, and can also connect to Android devices with an optional cable.

UM-ONE mk2

Roland UM-ONE mk2

Roland's mobile MIDI interface is a favorite for Android devices. It can also connect to iOS devices with a camera connection kit, or to computers directly through USB.

Midisport Uno

M-Audio Midisport Uno

This is an alternative to the Roland UM-ONE and works the same way.


Yamaha MD-BT01

This is the most popular way to connect BandHelper to MIDI devices wirelessly. Just plug into the In and Out ports of your MIDI devices, then click the Connect to a Bluetooth Device in BandHelper's MIDI Status window. Note: this works on some Android devices, but not others, and Yamaha does not support it on Android.



This is a newer alternative to the Yamaha MD-BT01 that offers official Android support, and auto-reconnection capability on iOS 16+.


Apple iPad Lightning to USB Adapter

If you already have MIDI hardware with a USB connection, a low-cost option is Apple's "camera connection kit," which adds a USB port to your iPad for MIDI connections. Apple also makes a larger version that includes a Lightning pass-through port, so you can charge and use USB at the same time. Older iPads with a 30-pin connector can use the iPad Camera Connection Kit, if you can still find one.

Midi Solutions Quadra

MIDI Solutions 4-port Splitter

If you have a one-port MIDI interface but want to send MIDI to multiple devices, you can add this splitter box. Unlike a true multi-port interface, each device you connect to will need to be assigned to a separate channel, but that's usually not a problem. Alternatively, you can replace your one-port MIDI interface with a multi-port interface like this or this.

Audio interfaces

If you connect an iPad-compatible USB audio interface, you can output more than two separate channels of audio: two channels from the headphone jack, plus two or more from the audio interface. These interfaces require an iPad Camera Connection Kit unless otherwise noted.

Duo-Capture mk2

PreSonus AudioBox iOne

Most audio interfaces emphasize input options and preamp quality, but you just need iOS compatibility and an output channel for multi-route output. The AudioBox iOne is currently the most affordable product we could find that fits that bill.


TP-LINK router

TP-LINK Wi-Fi Router

This inexpensive router provides great live sharing performance for BandHelper without the need for an Internet connection. Just power it up wherever you practice or perform. Specific setup instructions are available in the support forum.

TP-LINK router

GearHeadMedia TeleWedge

If you want to display lyrics or other info on stage, on a screen that's both large and out of view of the audience, this is your solution. You can set BandHelper to mirror its layout to this display, or show only your document or lyrics on this display while using your mobile device's screen for your song list or other info.