Lyrics versus documents: what's the difference?

If you want to add lyrics, chords or other info to your songs, you can either use the built-in Lyrics and Chords fields, or attach your own documents (or both). Here are some differences between the two approaches:

  Lyrics Documents
Editing Enter and edit directly in BandHelper Edit in another application, then upload files into BandHelper
Formatting Use basic formatting tools on the song edit page Use any formatting and layout tools in your document editing application
Sizing Pinch-zoom to resize; lines wrap so you can zoom up to 8x; line wrapping can optionally be turned off Pinch-zoom to resize; lines don't wrap, so zooming beyond 2x is typically not useful
Colors Follows the color scheme of the app iOS/macOS: follows the color scheme of your document
Android: follows the color scheme of the app
Annotating No annotation capabilities Draw or highlight directly onto documents
Transposing Transpose chords with up/down buttons No transposing capabilities
Best for… People who want to do all editing in BandHelper; who want to copy and paste lyrics from the web; or who don't want to deal with attaching files People who prefer to edit in other software; who already have documents set up for songs; or who need advanced formatting and layout capabilities